Case Studies

A Civil servant undertook career counselling as he was dissatisfied with his current work situation. Career counselling helped him to identify and understand his 3 Key Career Drivers, allowing him to focus on what was important to him in his career. On returning to his role he was able to make some small, yet significant changes to workflow and how he managed his team. He now reports being much happier in his work.
A Maintenance Manager had reached a crossroads in his personal and work life. The Career Counselling process helped him gain more confidence in his abilities and focus on his long held dream of living abroad. He is now actively seeking work and regularly visits the city where he wishes to live and has built up a network of friends and business contacts. He has put an action plan in place to allow him to move within 18 months.
A Graphic Designer was made redundant after 15 years with the same company. After initial counselling to address the issues of redundancy and refocus her on the future, the process moved into coaching phase, helping her to improve her interview skills. A key focus was to revamp her portfolio to truly showcase her skills and know how to effectively refer to it during an interview. Within five weeks she have several interviews, reached the final selections stages in two jobs and gained a job offer which she happily accepted.
A successful Executive Search professional came to career counselling because she was unhappy in her work, despite her obvious talent and success in her chosen field. After Career Counselling she had a clear understanding of how her Key Career Drivers were closely aligned to her values. Her lifestyle and values clashed significantly with the corporate culture she was working in, which had resulted in significant stress and her quitting her job. Taking control of her career development, she has now gone self employed and found a comfortable balance in her life.