“I have been very fortunate to have used Michelle’s coaching services over the last two years and I’m extremely happy with the results. She has helped me to refocus on what is important to me and what I want out of my working life. I’m now more happy in my work and enjoy it far more. I can’t recommend her services enough.”
“I was made redundant after 15 years with the same graphics company. Searching for new employment was daunting but Michelle was reassuring and helped me focus on the future. She helped me organise my portfolio so that I could demonstrate and focus on my key skills at interview. She reviewed and improved my C.V. and took me through practice interview questions as well as debriefing me after actual job interviews. Within five weeks I had had several interviews, two call backs and a job offer! Thank you.”
“Michelle made an enormous difference to my self-esteem and confidence plus helped guide me to a change in direction in my life. Her skills as a life coach are inspiring and captivating. I felt so at ease and comfortable while working with Michelle on my profile and later while working through my life coaching. I highly recommend Michelle both as a life coach and as an individual who can identify your key strengths and development areas. Michelle would make a massive difference for any individual looking at improving themselves or looking for a possible career change, just trust the process. It works!”
“I had never done a personality profile before but found Michelle quickly put me at ease. Her assessment of my interpersonal, thinking and coping styles were very accurate and enlightening. I now have a much better awareness and understanding of myself which I can take with me, both into the workplace and my personal life.”